Mission Statement


The Queensland Outlaw Super Sedan Federation Inc. was formed to cater for super
sedans that don’t meet “ASCF” or other specifications and for Drivers to race
against other super sedans only, instead of being pushed into open class races
against all different types of cars.

The “Queensland Outlaw Super Sedans” is a new concept in speedway and is not in
anyway associated with any other club or type of racing seen in the past.
We aim to run a well-presented class of fast, clean racing which is pleasing for the
crowds and the promoters to watch.

While racing incidents do occur, our main aim is to avoid accidents at all costs. This
will help us to maintain a full field of cars and also keep racing costs to a minimum.
We endeavour to make our rules fair to all members and participants, simple to
understand, while placing foremost the Safety of all Competitors and their family,
crew and cars.