From Our President

Qld Outlaw Sedan Club

My Name is Mark Whalley and I am the Club President.

Our Club was started in 2002.

We are family orientated and regularly organize picnics, fun days and fundraisers which everyone and their friends are welcome to attend.

If you would like to join our club either as a racing member or just a social one or you have any race related items for sale or

you are interested in sponsoring our club or if indeed you have any questions at all

please e-mail us with the details and someone from our club office will contact you shortly.

We will endeavour to keep the information on the website as up to date as possible.

 Please remember to check our calendar as race dates and venues and also changes will be posted there.

Yours in racing

Mark Whalley

Club President

Qld Outlaw Sedan Club

Q.O.S.S.F.Inc. Affiliate


President’s Report October 2015

Hi everyone.

With the new 2015-16 season all most upon us, we need to get organised.

This season we have to make sure we all have the gear we need to go racing.

We need to put on good shows and build up the number of cars that regularly compete within Our Club.

Some of the equipment required for the new season is:

  • at least 1 fire extinguish in the pits, for each car,
  • One way communicators all drivers,
  • MyLap transponders for each car will be required for at least IBRP Carina Speedway for our opening round on 31st October and the Qld Title on the 11th/12th of June, These can be hired for the night and for more information about hiring and to book then please contact Steve Little. (at this point in time they are only mandatory for IBRP Carina Speedway but sooner rather than later, they will be required at all Speedway Australia recognized tracks).
  • And as usual, all race gear will need to be of the correct type and safety standards

Number of Club Cars for the Season:

We are looking good so far for car numbers. By mid-season and with the current expectation of 5 news cars to join our field, .we should see in access of 13 cars.

New Drivers and Cars:

  • Peter Back #(TBA) in his Commodore,
  • Dave (BUBBA )Smith #33,(Grafton Based) in his Corvette,
  • Kevin Mainey #34 with his LJ Torana,
  • Peter Vanlisaum #69 in an A9X Torana,
  • Mark Whalley JNR #30 in his Gran Prix,

Our Regular Crew:

  • Wayne Kirkman #4 Camaro
  • Mark Whalley Snr (myself) #31
  • The Glasbys #23 Camaro
  • Chris Holdt #41 Ford Mustang
  • Rodney Bowen #44 Monaro
  • Wayne (Scooter) Holden #72 OTR
  • Bob Ware #73
  • Mark Brom #92

… with guest drives from Chris Tunnah, Steve Little and some of our friends from Roma.

 To see a full version of the President’s Report please click on the link below:

President Report 13-10-15